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Empowering the Healer Within: Unleash Your Confidence, Fearlessness, and Intuition

Are you feeling stuck? Not sure what to do next? If so, this FREE Masterclass Series is for you!

We took your suggestions and feedback from Season 1 of Self-Care for Healers Online Masterclass Series and created another series of FREE trainings!

With the energy shifts happening all around us, many Healers have been feeling stuck, out of balance, drained, and fatigued.  

Our panel of speakers consists of #1 international best-selling authors, influencers, healing experts and healing practitioners who will teach you specific techniques and concepts to overcome fear, energy blocks, compassion fatigue, and feeling unbalanced so that you feel confident, fearless, intuitive, and balanced.  

Many of our Speakers are providing free gifts to our attendees!

These Self-Care tools will help you heal and balance your mind, body and spirit so that you can do your work that the world desperately needs right now!

This FREE Online Masterclass Series begins on Monday, January 24th and ends January 28th, 2022.

Each day, you will receive a number of powerful life-changing lessons. These videos are available for free viewing for 24 hours.  

Thank you,

Peter J van Twuyver, DPT

Host, Empowering the Healer Within Online Masterclass Series

What people said about Season 1: 
Self-Care for Healers Online Masterclass Series

Thank you to Peter and all the speakers for generously offering their time to this amazing series. The format has been perfect, allowing me time to commit each day to view presentations. I'm grateful not only to presenters for sharing their tips/techniques for self-care and navigating fearful times, but also for their openness and vulnerableness about their experiences. It also helps to remember that while on our journey to self-growth, enlightenment and ascension it is ok to recognize that healers are human too and don't have to be a perfect being, as long as we continue to work on ourselves.

-Jen O.C.
I joined many summits but never took the time to listen to the interviews. Yours is different…Your summit is amazing. Thank you for organizing it …

-Denise P
Just finished watching the interview of Elise and it was really interesting and I had never heard about the Chill Ape jeans and the Nervous Ape jeans. I like her quotes, “Trusting myself in a present moment of practice” and “Wellbeing is where our attention is”. I enjoyed the Hara Meditation and it was kind of her for all of us to “offer a soft landing to anybody right now to whoever needs it”. There has been so many changes throughout this early last year that everybody needs love and support to continue in this journey.

-Denise P
WOW! Anna Marie Ellison's talk and meditation she took us through to learn the self-care lesson our pet is helping us to learn was AMAZING!!! The meditation was so easy and results were so clear. Then afterwards, when I started using my left brain about the messages, it made perfect sense! Two messages from 2 dogs that have passed 1) Choose peace....ALWAYS! 2) Let go more fully.... TRUST!

Thank you! So valuable!

-Maureen B
I have really enjoyed this Masterclass series. Each one of the speakers kept my attention with their knowledge and expertise. I am so happy I upgraded to the VIP Access so that I will have access to all 21 panelists trainings. There was such a wealth of information I will want to listen again to be sure I didn’t miss anything!

Thank you so much for this series,

-Nancy P
This is a most beautiful class! I know I’ll run of words, but still, powerful, touching, inspiring, empowering, amazing, profound...I am grateful.

Thank you Peter for this Masterclass, and to Joan and Greg for your generous teaching.
I am blessed to find time to listen to it just now, and I plan to listen to it again tonight, and to sit with the energy. I have also shared the link with a few others.

Congratulations Peter on the success of this series. 

Light and Peace

-Mona T
[I am] in deep gratitude for the wonderful speakers and presenters that were part of this lecture series. I hope this type of series is repeated in the future. And I realize how much work and effort went into this series but in my opinion it has been very much worth it and I learned a lot.

-Christine P
Thank you for the work that you do. I was fortunate enough to get plugged in by your Self-Care for Healers class. The weekend that you made it open to all, was the weekend that changed my life. Your Earth Star-Soul Star energy work was an absolute blessing!!! I do it everyday. :-)

I am super excited for the information on vibration and emotions and finding out how I can keep my vibrations high.

Love, Light and HUUUGGEE appreciation.

I must tell you I loved the master class. I am a healer and have been down quite a recent path that had me so blocked and troubled and along came this class. It did so much for me and I am getting back on my path.

-Lynn B
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